Register Domain Names

Dotster – CLICK HERE to Register your Domain Name with Dotster! (I recommend Dotster for business owners who will be registering one or a few domain names) 

Name Cheap – CLICK HERE to Register Domain Names with Name Cheap (I recommend Name Cheap for price conscious volume domain name purchasers)

Below is some background about both domain name registration services.

Dotster – June, 2013

I have been registering domain names with Dotster for over ten years. Regarding the support services, I used to register through a Dotster affiliate platform. Now I register directly with them and I have used the customer service a few times with good results. They offer live chat, voice and email ticket support. This link to Dotster will take you directly to the Dotster domain name search area.

Dotster have an easy to use control panel and relatively few up-sell sales pitches. (unlike registrars like GoDaddy who’s domain registration process can be so full of up-sells that extent the process to the point where, for many, it can become confusing and difficult to figure out what and when you are buying.

The main differences between Dotster and Name Cheap are

  • Price – Dotster is about 40% to 50% higher priced but if you are only registering one of a few domains, it may be worth using this premium service. If you are buying a high volume of domain names, you will reduce your costs significantly with Name Cheap
  • Payment Method – Dotster allows you to pay as you go directly for each purchase while Name Cheap requires that you charge your account with fund and then use those funds to make your purchases
  • Free Whois Block – Name Cheap offers free Whois Block to allow you to keep your domain’s owner name confidential

Name Cheap – February, 2011

I have been using Name Cheap to register domain names for over a year now. I switched mostly because they have very competitive pricing (about $10/year per name) and on top of that they give you free whois block which can be $2 to $13 / year elsewhere.

Their system requires you to have money in your name cheap account in order to complete your purchase. You can load it up using PayPal or by credit card in any amount you want during the purchasing process. If you get lost in the payment process, just remember your names will stay in the shopping cart. Let me know if you have any questions.

Oh, yes, I did call them for support a couple of times and they were fast and friendly.

CLICK HERE to Go to Name Cheap