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Are you in control of your Website and Internet Marketing Strategy?

We supply you with Easy-to-Manage Websites built to deliver the results you want!

“The hub of your online marketing strategy”

Your website should be the hub of all of your online marketing activities. It should be the one central location where you direct guests, clients and prospects for updates, services and other meaningful information. When you invest in your website you are developing a business asset that should deliver a return on investment and appreciate in the value it returns to your bottom line. It’s also where you will have the greatest control to manage your message, influence visitors and convert them into clients.

We specialize in helping you think through the main objectives you can achieve with your new website, implementing a plan to realize the results you want and turn your website into a worthwhile investment.

We build your website to be the hub of your marketing activities and automate related business processes such as:

  • booking appointments or accommodations
  • shopping carts that facilitate and motivate product purchases
  • subscribing directly to your mailing list
  • posting events to your new site’s events calendar
  • receiving sales inquiries that automatically generate new projects in your management software system

Like any development project, the input of the primary stakeholders (you) will have a direct impact on the resulting outcome of the project. It all starts with filling out our scoping form which forms the basis for our initial project meetings or complementary one hour scoping meeting.

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Social Media Marketing

“The spokes that connect guests to the hub”

Social media platforms, newsletters and other online or traditional advertising are the spokes that connect and drive activity the hub, your website, where you are in control of the asset and can convert guests to clients.

Below is more information about our video production, design and online writing services.

Video Production and Content Writing Services

“Where the rubber hits the road”

The content of your site, its graphics, videos and written content is what positions your brand and delivers your message, informing and ultimately compelling guests to become clients. Your website’s content is what your visitors’ will base their experience and perception of your organization on. In large part, their user experience and how they share your content are what Google and other search engines will base the way your site will be positioned in search results.
Years of experience has shown us often clients believe they would like to take on the task of writing the copy for their website, and why not. They know their business better than anyone and they can shave off a few dollars by delegating the task to a relative or staff member. This often leads to a frustrating experience for the client, delays in launching the new site and less effective written copy. That’s why we offer professional writing packages, in partnership with Full Fresh Media, to maximize your new website’s effectiveness and assure your site will be launched without delays waiting for content.

“Quickly & Effectively Inform and Motivate Your Market with Video”

Professionally Produced Videos provide your prospects with a quick overview of your company and services, allowing you to more effective market and move your sales process forward. We have partnered with highly talented film production and social media experts to offer effective Video and Social Media Marketing solutions to businesses like yours.

Here are some places and reasons to show your corporate videos:

  • Intoductions to Potential Clients
  • Sales Presentations
  • Trade-shows
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Hotel Lobbies and Concierge Desks
  • Your Website’s Homepage
  • … the world’s second most used search engine
  • Industry Websites
  • Your Storefront Window, Showroom, Reception Area or Office
  • Cross Promotion – on partner / distributor’s websites or in their showrooms
  • On your organization’s Facebook Fanpage
  • Employee Recruiting Drives … job sites, career fairs etc!

Videos are also a compelling way for your business and organization to position itself as an employer of choice with today’s internet savvy workforce. We also support your efforts to promote your videos and marketing message online through such social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

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